Postal Films

Our USPS approved films are used for enclosing magazines, catalogs, and other flat size direct mail pieces in a poly bag. Poly bagging flat size mail saves money on bulk mailings, provides protection from damage due to mail handling and weather; as well as allows for the inclusion of free samples, advertisements and other supplemental material.

Flex-Pak’s postal films meet or exceed the standards outlined in USPS T-3204 and are approved for automation rates.

The right film for the job...

Multi-Purpose Film

  • Excellent Machine-ability, Good Clarity & Seal-ability
  • Flow Wrappers & Shrink Bundling applications

High Clarity Film

  • High Clarity & Gloss, Ideal for Printing

High Speed Film

  • Designed for high speed flow wrappers

Privacy Film

  • Co-extruded, High Opacity Film

White Stripe Film

  • Continuous stripe for ink jetting address
two plastic roll for packaging machin

USPS Polywrap Calculator

Not sure what size or how much film you need for your next poly bagging job?  Our USPS polywrap calculator makes it easy!

Postal Film Calculator


  • Save on all bulk mailings
  • Outstanding machine-ability
  • Short lead times
  • Low order minimums
  • Printing up to 10 colors
  • Plate making & design assistance
  • Dedicated technical & customer service teams

Flex-Pak has been serving the printing & publishing industry for over 30 years. Our commitment to high quality, customer driven solutions, along with understanding the time sensitive nature of the direct mail industry, gives our clients peace of mind knowing they can focus on their core business.

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